Monday, September 28, 2009

this weekends job

Good Morning!

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.
This weekends job was in Staten Island at Snug Habor...
The groom's sister had the cutest son in the world.....
His name was Kevin and he has blonde hair... He was so adorable.
I must have taken 100 photos of this little boy... He was soooooooooo cute.
I saw photos of my father when he was little.... and this is what this little boy reminded me off.
My father was also at this wedding since he was Photographer.....
Anyways... Had a great weekend shooting.....

Gustav also had another job right after this wedding and I will post those pictures as well.
You are also welcome to check out our facebook pages and go thru the photo albums there... Enjoy the photo of Kevin (he's adorable) and make sure you check us out on Facebook (link is above) and visit our website too.....

Enjoy the day,


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