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Oliver's Christening Sample Photos / Video <> IMAGES by GUSTAV

Wedding Samples - IMAGES by GUSTAV

IMAGES BY GUSTAV presents the 2009 Wedding Collection

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Presents the Wedding Of AUBREY & DOMINIC
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Please enjoy this sample of our recent work.
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IMAGES by GUSTAV <> NJ Creative Wedding Photographer

Presents a sample of THE 2009 Wedding Collection
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NJ Creative Wedding Photographer <> NJ Contemporary Wedding Photography <> IMAGES by GUSTAV

IMAGES by GUSTAV presents the Wedding of Magdalena & Justin for your viewing pleasure. <> IMAGES by GUSTAV

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NJ Creative Wedding Photographer NJ Contemporary Wedding Photography --


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Another Photo by: IMAGES by GUSTAV

Photos by: Images by Gustav (Joanna)

These were taken by Gustav Woloszyn on 10/11/2009.
This is me (Joanna Woloszyn)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend Wedding 10/11/2009 --- Aubrey + Dominic

Hope everyone had a great weekend! The weather was beautiful! You can see that the leaves have already started to turn beautiful colors. We had the pleasure of working with Aubrey & Dominic this Sunday. A great couple from Parlin, New Jersey. The had a beautiful ceremony outside by the water at the Forge Inn. Here is a photo of the happy couple. The new Mr. & Mrs. Dominic Conway!

More photos are posted on our main site.... AUBREY + DOMINIC CONWAY WEDDING PHOTOS
Enjoy the photos everyone!

Joanna & Gustav of Images by Gustav

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I came across LINKED IN and its a very cool site....

Check out my LINKED IN profile...

It even tracks your blogs and tweets associated with twitter!
Very cool!

Here's a photo for today... From a past job....

The Chronicle

The Chronicle

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Feel Good About Yourself

It's pretty simple.....

NJ Creative Wedding Photographer - NJ Contemporary Wedding Photography

Here is a photo that Gustav took of me... We were just testing out the background and I was goofing off and this shot came out really great!!! Enjoy....

Remember you can find us at

Weekend Job - President of Macedonia - Gjorge Ivanov

The following photo is from a recent job....

This is Gustav with the President of Macedonia - Gjorge Ivanov

Monday, September 28, 2009

this weekends job

Good Morning!

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.
This weekends job was in Staten Island at Snug Habor...
The groom's sister had the cutest son in the world.....
His name was Kevin and he has blonde hair... He was so adorable.
I must have taken 100 photos of this little boy... He was soooooooooo cute.
I saw photos of my father when he was little.... and this is what this little boy reminded me off.
My father was also at this wedding since he was Photographer.....
Anyways... Had a great weekend shooting.....

Gustav also had another job right after this wedding and I will post those pictures as well.
You are also welcome to check out our facebook pages and go thru the photo albums there... Enjoy the photo of Kevin (he's adorable) and make sure you check us out on Facebook (link is above) and visit our website too.....

Enjoy the day,


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Helpful Wedding Photography Tips

Sometimes choosing the smallest or least expensive photography package is not the most cost-effective option. One bride chose the least expensive package and afterwards spent $700 to buy additional prints that were not included in her original package. A more comprehensive package would have cost her only an additional $250 more if purchased up front.

Choose a photography package rather than purchasing all of the items separately. If there is something that you really want that is not included in a package, ask the photographer if something can be swapped without increasing the price.

ALWAYS hire a professional. DON’T ask your friend who "takes good pictures" to photograph your wedding. Hire a professional and one that has experience photographing weddings. You’ve only got ONE chance to get it right – so don’t take chances.

Photographic Style - Are the images that you are shown, what you would like to see? Can you picture yourself photographed the same way? Is there a satisfactory mix in different styles? There are "buzz" words flying about everywhere about photojournalism, formal, classic contemporary, and so on. All colorful adjectives aside, do YOU like it?

About Digital Files vs. Film Any image in film can be easily scanned into digital formats to allow the maximum amount of versatility and options. Digital files are logically preferred in many cases, but isn't’t it good to know that when that special image is captured that there is the opportunity to turn it into a crystal clear poster or an even larger presentation.All photos can be touched up if needed by our experts.All images can be converted to digital files for ease of handling and sharing

One first needs to define just what one is going to do with the photographs. For most things digital is far more convenient if you're shooting hundreds of images, making prints on home inkjet printers and posting on web sites and email. Film and digital do different things better and compliment each other. Neither is going away, although film will decline in areas where digital excels, like news. Film has already disappeared from professional newspaper use a year or so ago, although small town papers may still use it, and likewise, no digital capture system has come anywhere near replacing 8x10" large format film for huge exhibition prints that need to be hellaciously detailed. And for other things like landscape photography for reproduction and large fine prints film is better.

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Welcom to the blog of "IMAGES by GUSTAV"

Hello ....
Welcome to the blog of "IMAGES by GUSTAV"!

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Here is a little info about who we are....

Images By Gustav - A New Jersey based, highly skilled and experienced Professional Photographer. Specializing in Storybook style Wedding Photography in Black & White, Sepia and Colour, - producing a unique range of Wedding Books – from Traditional to Coffee Table style Digital – Reportage Storybooks. A full range of Portrait and Event Photography Services from Studio Portraits – Location Portraits to a full range of Corporate and Commercial Photography.

Gustav Woloszyn - Photographer - One of the Tri-state's foremost and most experienced Wedding and Portrait Photographers. Gustav was born and raised in communist Poland, where he grew up with a keen interest in the Arts and Philosophy. In his late teens, while competing in International Athletics on the Polish national team, he developed his deep interest in Photography, and soon joined the staff of a prominent Krakow newspaper. His passion brought him to New York in the 80's, to study at the world famous Germaine School of Photography, where he graduated with distinctions in Photography and Photojournalism. Since then Gustav has undertaken wedding assignments from most of the Tri-state's most exclusive wedding Studios, where he is still consistently in demand, by the studios most discerning customers. With over one thousand wedding events to his credit, he is skilled and experienced in all religious wedding services including Roman Catholic, all Orthodox Christian Faiths, and Far Eastern as well as the different National and International Wedding customs.

Gustav has developed a maturity and a unique insight, couple with an extremely artistic eye, and a rare talent for visually capturing the ultimate wedding story as it unfolds. With a smooth easy going style and an uncompromising approach to excellence, your Wedding Photography is in the safest and most experienced hands. Gustav is a photographer who is just the right person to be around on your Wedding Day and will guarantee to create a Wedding Album that will make every aspect of your Wedding Day, come alive, from every page, for generations to come.

Enjoy the site & the blog....

If you have any questions or comments please don't hesistate to get in touch with us.



contact #: 908-472-6176

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